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Sunday Funday?
Something To Believe In
Back, and better than ever!!!
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Sunday Funday?

Happy Sunday!  But are Sunday's always fundays?  I find a lot of my worse days are actually on Sunday.  I got to thinking why that would be.  Then it dawned on me, Sunday is a spiritual day.  Whether you are active in a religious establishment or not, there is something spiritual about the birth of a new week.  It brings with it a new start, the chance to start fresh, do better.
But it also makes us reflective.  We think about what we're going through in our life, good or bad, and we want desperately to explain it.


Happy Saturday Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying a lazy morning like me before chaos ensues.  It's that calm before the storm when you start running here and there to accomplish all the things we don't have time to do the rest of the week!  And then there are some who work on Saturday just like every other day of the week, to you, my hat is tipped and I admire your endurance to go forward as the rest of the world rests. But we each have our own station in life and cross to carry.

Something To Believe In

Hello Everyone!
As promised, I am posting some of my writings on my blog everyday.  The first piece I'm going to share with you is actually a poem I wrote about a dear friend of mine.  He helped me to see that I should and could believe in myself and that love actually exists in this world.  Real People are still able to be found and there is so much more to me than I give myself credit for.  This one's for you Albie! You know who you are!

Something to Believe In
December 2016

Back, and better than ever!!!

Hello old friends and welcome new ones!  It's been awhile but I am back, and better than ever! Life has changed a lot for me, but I still love writing and look forward to sharing with all of you a lot of new writing!  As I'm sure some of you have noticed, my last name has changed.  That is due to the fact I am no longer married.  But while this event has turned my world upside-down in a lot of ways, this has been the best thing that could have happened to me.  I finally figured out that you only live once, so make it count, and follow your dreams; instead of living in someone else's shadow!

New Address

****UPDATE******  We've Moved!!!!  Please note our new mailing address.  The phone number and business hours are still the same. The new address is 2052 Switzerland Ave. Plano, TX  75025

***NEW**** Now offering Photography as a service!!!!

Now offering photography as one of our services!!!  Really excited about our new service.  Be sure to check out the Picture Portfolio tab and check back often for new pics to be posted!

7 down 93 to go!

Seven followers in four hours!!!!!  AWESOME!!!!!!  Only 93 more to go!

Twitter here we come!

You can follow us on twitter now too!


Amazing, simply amazing!
As I watch this unfold before my eyes, I still have to pinch myself to believe it's really happening!  So far, in 48 hours, we've had 224 hits!  This is simply amazing to me.  Let's keep this momentum going.  Tell your friends, family, and neighbors!  Love you guys!  Don't forget to check out my new page "writing samples", and check back often as I will be updating it regularly.


We're Going Live - 11/30/2010
Today is a monumental day for Facts and Perspective.  What once was a mere hope and a prayer has finally become a reality.  This day marks the beginning not only of a website, but a dream.  A course of action, the fruition of a gift that led to a passion, that gave way to path followed only by a dreamer and held there by all her supporters.
I would like to thank my husband who always believed in me, my kids who had to share me with the computer, my parents and brother who always kept encouraging me, and most importantly to God, who without, none of this would be possible.